You are my child!

by MeeraMayaa

Oh dear you are my child
May be the DNA strands are
not the same
But are you not part of us?
Who said you were left on the road
Tell them that everyone
leaves this world all alone.
Ask me, why I didn’t tell you
this truth, tell me how will I.
I wonder if I would have been
gifted with a beautiful child
just like you!
You are special to me
It’s you who gave me
The name Mother
It’s you who brought
Illusion to Reality
It’s you who gave me My life.
Someday I wish
to be born in your womb
Don’t cry My child
It doesn’t matter if parents are different
But a child is One
And for this mother it’s You and only You!


A dedication to children and mother who have adopted each other and hold their connect through an invisible umblical chord.

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