Yakshi, you are not alone!

by MeeraMayaa
  1. Yakshi, you are not alone!

Image courtesy to the picture owner/illustrator

Yakshi, you are not alone
May be you have those unwashed vessels,
or the unkempt mane,
you forgot the time,
or you woke up two hours late
when the Solar King was a Fireball already!
Or your child is not listening to you
When the, “He-Man,” just remains a, “He,”
on a sofa
or when you have been cooking the regular
and heart ached when your friends make different varieties…
Or when you got that, “Your-time,”
and your, “Me-time,” sublimed to the clouds.
Yakshi, you are not alone,
when you felt the power of Draupadi within
and you just inched away like a Sita!

You are not alone,
When you wanted to roar like Lion
and you sqeaked like a rat caught in a cage.

May be this lockdown has locked you more within!
Dear, Yakshi
It’s not only you, it’s also for, “Her,”
who has been walking barefoot several days
with the bag, child and baggage of thoughts….

Will she reach
Or kill the Yakshi within…
Will she arise
Or drown within…

Yakshi, you are not alone!


About the image: Hel, ruler of the eponymous underworld of Norse mythology. (Vagabomb url)


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