Words from the Womb

by MeeraMayaa
A dark world
A beautiful world
Where I can only hear your voice
But why were you crying all the time?
I didn’t know with what name to call you
Or how to call you!
I was told by God,
that you are my God!
I asked God,
“But why am I unable to see her face?”
And, “She, the almighty,” said,
“Dear, Child
You are in her womb!”
I waited just like her to push myself out.
I realized that my push was hard and
heard someone crying for her life!
It’s my God, my Mother who was crying.
I cried too and said,
“Amma don’t cry.”
But she couldn’t hear me
Yes, I was traveling not only outside of her
but towards an unknown destination.
Neither she knows nor…
I waited day and night to hold her hand,
days went on to weeks,
weeks to months
and months to years!
Here am in this orphanage,
Waiting to see her!
Again, I was told
There’s another God who plans to take me to her Home!
I didn’t have a choice that day, nor do I, today!
But the God who spoke to me when
I was in the womb, always knew what is best for me!
One chill breeze caressed my hair
And a peck on my forehead!
And I met her today!
Dear, Mother
Maybe I haven’t met you or
never I will,
But my search will always be there to say,
“Dear, Mother Happy Mother’s and thanks for bringing me into this world!”
Image courtesy: Qasim Sadiq,Unsplash

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