Will you take me along

by MeeraMayaa


I looked

Looked for you

You in the stars

Stars above my head shining

Shining only to shine your reflections

Reflections holding my years of yesteryears love

Love woven like a spiderweb in your Saree


I am

I am standing

Standing here away from

From your reflecting reflections of

Of that love I have always

Always craved for that love, you .

You gave me only in your womb

Womb which you gave it off to someone else.

I am your part waiting to hug, at least your reflections from this Adoption home

Far, because you have your family!


This is a dedication to so many children, who are still waiting for a home and a Mother.

And this is my little hug to them.


Image courtesy: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156504078593201&id=696278200

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