When will you take me home?

by MeeraMayaa

When will you take me home?I thought the sun married the moon
stars were the guest in your wedding
And I was playing in the park
That’s the story these caretakers have been narrating every night.Am still waiting in this park
expecting someone will pick me
Everyday someone comes
and picks my friends to their new nest .
I am happy they got a familyBut when will you pick me?Trust me I will be a good child,
I just want a family
I will not ask for a toy
I just need your hug
When will you take me?I don’t mind you calling me an adopted child
I only need a Mother and father.
Will you take me home?*****
Image courtesy:https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/11/children-who-have-second-adoptions/575902/

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