What do I title this?

by MeeraMayaa

When will this pass?
I feel ignorance is a bliss at times.
How long should I live in this cocoon?
Not one but many that I have entrapped myself within!
I want to jump out.
Just like that little creature,
fighting within the wall.
The wall built by it’s own matter
and The Nature!

I try escaping,
only to escape out of the captivity.
It sucks and I yearn for that air,
Little by little I did receive
through the pores..
Maybe the blessings are through pores only!

And, am happy I am blessed with one!

We did manage to step out,
masked with a cloud of worries and thoughts.
But few stepped out once and for all!
I thought I would grab a glimpse,
But etched in mind is their last smile and words.
Never knew that the last will be like this!!
Packed food for them,
Never knew that they are being packed off!

What is killing me?
Is it the memory,
Is it the unfinished promises,
Is it the last words wanting to listen to more
Or is it the Guilt of not saying a Bye and …
Is it the tears that get struck in the throat?

I did and I still manage to wear that smile.
Scared am to smile
Yes, scared am to smile!

Am I becoming superstitious of smiling?
I look at my folks and pause,
and move with an unsaid emotion.
We are in constant motion like a pendulum,
and waiting for the cuckoo to sing!

Doesn’t matter when the bird wants to sing,
Atleast we are awakening the one within us!
It does alarm us,
But I am wondering if am shunning the voice
Or my own voice.
I wonder how the phoenix arises?
Is it from its own ashes or from the promise it made to itself,
before dying to rise.

To rise and shine from it’s own Ashes.

Today as am arising,
Am awakened that, the ash on the forehead
is not only the holy ash, but the one that reminds me that,
Life is all about the ashes we gather in the form of atoms and molecules.

Either we let the ash sublime or allow it grow as a manure.

Let this manure, rather the compost in me
allow the lotus to bloom.
Let this ash in me,
allow the fiery bird to rise.
Let this thought in me enable me to
Arise from the Dust!

Let the fire burn within to kindle our thoughts of Life.
Enough on the pyre!!
Let it light the lamp within,
And burn the negativity to cinders outside us!
Let it burn the midnight oil,
allowing the quills to weave a Message.

Let it burn,
Let it burn
To Arise the soul within to Guide!!

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Gowri May 20, 2021 - 4:54 pm

So poignantly penned! “ how does the phoenix arise?” – such a wonderful reasoning follows the question

MeeraMayaa May 30, 2021 - 11:43 pm

Thank you Gowri for sharing your thoughts.

Maanasa Murugesh May 30, 2021 - 1:24 pm

Beautiful Mam. I could completely relate with your words. I went through a very similar experience a month ago, and was filled with the same questions and an unexplainable tug of pain deep within. You put it in a way I could never have 🙂 lots of love ❤️

MeeraMayaa May 30, 2021 - 11:42 pm

Aww Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.


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