Wandering Dinosaurs in Raining Rhymes

by MeeraMayaa

Raining Rhymes

“Jolly Olly octopus,Jolly Olly Octopus,

How does Kumbhakarna snore…

Aww, did that puppy find his mommy.”

Amma, one more story

And I read again, well again and it’s

It’s fun and happiness to read.

And also to loose games to see the little ones win. When they win, how beautiful are their smiles.

But the chain breaks,


Here it is,


I don’t want to sleep,

I am hungry, I want to watch Peppa, I want to apply lipstick, come let’s go to the park, shall we do jumping on the bed,I want to go to Su-su again.”

Well I land up doing the jumping, which I feel is much affordable within the bedroom.

I think post jumping beans exercise, she would sleep, well here’s the twist.

I try taking her to the dream land, and my Princess does her best in getting me back to the awake Jurassic world.

We keep jumping between these two lands

I wish sometimes, there’s a well.

Well is it me alone or you also think in the similar lines.

Why a well?

Is it okay to think on these lines?

Yes, I will be connecting the dots, on these for sure, basis my experiences.


I don’t want this colour Amma

I want that Only

No I will not eat

I will not brush

I will not wear dress

I don’t want to go to home, I will stand here only.

And, during these situations,

My mind says, Mind your Mind,

When I failed,

The Dinosaur in me showed the tantrums

And by now not only ours, the neighbour’s roof is also brought down.

Some crying,hugging and then the vicious circle.

Like me do you also feel?

Motherhood, as it’s celebrated across the world, comes with all kinds of Taxation tagged.

-Someday, it could be just a cake walk, only to realise that there’s cream all over and its a demand for an oil free clean.

– Next day it’s a rose, realising the thorn beneath.

– Another day, could be a Noodles day only to be coiled and recoiled with no escape.

It is a maze,

That maze which has an exit, as an entry.

That maze we may want to run away from.

That maze, we entangle ourselves only to restart the maze journey.

And we still create the maze, because isn’t this also our choice ?

This Maze is beautifully created and it’s in our hands to find and enable in finding the exit, tagging to an outcome called Happiness, than escaping from the exit.

Why I feel the way I feel ?

-Are we taught to be a mother?

-Have we been exposed to what’s motherhood all about?

-Will writing an essay, “I love my mother,” in school days enlighten us about motherhood?

– Were we taught that, Loosing a game is but Winning Hearts #loosingagameisbutwinninghearts

We as Mother’s haven’t we, lost games for our little buds to Win.

– Were we taught that, it comes with an experience!

And that experience, which again needs to be explained only through an experience.

As a Mother, we tell fairy tales, and our life is also one, where we are the Princess who struggles and faces challenges, only to achieve a Goal.

That intangible Goal, a Crystal Ball which would break,

When the values are shaken,

And, when the love is broken, and

When the tantrums takes a size of a Dinosaur.

How do we feel when the Crystal ball breaks?

Motherhood is definitely a fairy tale

That fairytale, not only about meeting a Prince charming, it’s about taking care of our product born out of “Happily ever after,” tag line.

(product is not about labelling, it’s part of us reflecting outside)

In every fairy tale, be it Sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, Cyndrilla, Frozen,

in all these, the protagonist teaches us about the struggles and Challenges, patience, perseverance, which we might most of the times only love to talk or read about.

Well how miss our Indian Mythology, where “Ma” Sita is portrayed as an incarnation of three “Ps,” Patience, Perseverance and Prosperity.

Would we not love to write about these again.

Though we are not taught what is motherhood about.

But the experience teaches me or you, that it’s all about the Upbringing.

That Upbringing which would create a Crown for our growing Children.

At times, We slip our skin into a

Wandering Dinosaur, who is carrying consciously or unconsciously our Parent’s grey matter in the Mind and Body.

That grey matter which shows its skin as a hard skinned ones as the one in tortoises or a Wandering hungry Dinosaur, which might land up pouncing, in spite of carrying the soft loving creature within.

There’s nothing wrong in getting angry?

Anger is an emotion, finding a way to walk away from us.

How to get “OM” in the Wandering Hungry Dinosaur

Simple said than done

What I would, may help you as well

  • Pocket my thoughts into writing daily.

  • Create that “Me” time at least thirty minutes to an hour a day .

  • It’s okay to have a messy house, than measuring the cleanliness

  • “Ready or not, here I come.” Yes I daily play hide and seek. To be found and to find, is a happiness for the little ones.

  • Remember to ask the inside Dinosaur for a walk, because reflecting helps our Mind and Body

  • When the Tantrum is thrown, move away from the location to the balcony or any other room. Moving away helps to set the bond again.

  • If a child doesn’t want to Sleep, it’s okay. Create a den, play that game with them. Because they liked to be loved and cared for.

  • When the child is throwing tantrums, surrender to the “Calmness” and think why “My baby is crying”. Also Second positioning, that is thinking from his/her perspective heals and helps.

    And most importantly it’s beautiful in Loosing a Game to win Hearts, yes those little hearts.

Dear Mommy friends, loads more you can add to the “The Petals in making a Flower”.

The little “Me” time helps, not only in venting out the feelings but also in making us Durable to face yet another Happy Little dinosaurs.

And let the Wandering Dinosaur dance in the Raining Rhymes.


Image courtesy Stephen leonardi Unsplash


Amma/ Ma – Mother

Sita – Mythology Character in Ramayana

Om – Word to Meditate, which brings in peace and calmness to the mind and body

#motherhood #parentingsurpise #motherchild #tantrums #meeramaya #mayaakatha


#motherhood #parentingsurpise #motherchild #tantrums #meeramaya #mayaakatha #flowersthatpetalyourway

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