The Potty story

by MeeraMayaa


Chithragupta (Chithru) : God of justice, the one who decides if it’s heaven or hell for the human, post death

Yama: God of death

ERP: enterprise resource planning software tool

Rohini Devi: Moon’s favourite wife (as per Hindu mythology)

Nitty/Nitty boy: Self proclaimed Godman

And the Story begins…


“Mani! come out, boy it’s difficult for us to control.”


It’s not only today, this has been an everyday story in the hostel.

Mani once in, doesn’t come out until the door is knocked at least for fifteen minutes.

Does he sing?

Does he sleep there?

Or does he really ease his stomach?

He does the latter, but it has never been easy for him.

Not just today, right from his childhood days, he has been struggling and it’s like he has been married to constipation. Sometimes it’s after two days and sometimes it’s after a week.

But how does he manage being comfortable without that constipated look on his face?

He can dance, he can sing and he can eat well!


My job is to tally the sins you guys have committed, but with my constipation problem I have been missing the calculations and our ERP is also not working because the Technology team are also in the same boat.

We people in heaven have been struggling with this. And that’s also one of the reasons for Yama and I, getting delayed in picking you guys, to our world of heaven and hell.


“Mani, will you come out? Or else, we will break the door,” screamed his friends.

Finally the door was broken, and Mani’s soul was traveling upward.


Mani is standing in front of Yama.

ChithraGupta (Chithru) the Tally head, is reviewing the data. Yama, was disappointed that Mani has been brought to the hell, much ahead of his time because he had five more minutes on the earth. Chithru, didn’t know what to do and blamed the systems team about the error.

Yama, ordered Chithru to leave Mani on the earth and bring him back after five minutes. In the meantime the backend team will present Mani’s balance sheet. Chithru worried that the onward journey itself will take 10-15 minutes, since ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 is on its way to the moon and Moon is busy with Rohini Devi, as it’s full moon day. There’s another shortcut, but for that, Chithru has to jump from the planet Mercury to earth, with his current tummy situation it’s impossible and not advisable by the Doctors.

He had no option, and asked Yama, if Mani can be given an option to watch Naughty Nitty’s yet to release premier, but the approval was rejected, as Mani hasn’t seen even one episode of Nitty Maharaj’s discourses. After several persuasions, it was approved and this time it’s a blanket approval for the “Team Yama.”

The stage was set in an open theatre with one washroom facility.

Mani wearing a temporary identity card, came along with Chithru and two bull headed security personnel.


Movie starts,

“All of you jump and sing boy boy Nittyboy and eat one banana, repeat this exercise 20 times……..” says Nitti Maharaaj.

Within few minutes,

Mani started running towards the washroom, followed by the team Yama screaming,

“Mani, come out, boy it’s difficult for us to control.”


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