Some masaala & Gyaaaan

by MeeraMayaa
I have loads to share .
But, I don’t know where to start.
Should I start from the school?
Not my school days, this time it’s my daughter’s school, they have already shown a dream of IIIIIT to my minion and I could literally feel that I was that Sherman Joshi in Thrreee idiotsOr should I talk about a jingaaalaala roomance story, I think I am getting old/experienced and with the blessings of platinum strings that I couldn’t see the movie beyond the title , because I felt nothing is new

Or the bathroom ka Colgate paste magic which is still shining like a white paint for the last 4 days (thanks  to my minion ) she has coated the floor with white paste matching the closet and wash basin, don’t know where to sit.

Now I think you should stop your immagination.
Initially I was irritated, but I paused for a while. I think it is this pause that helped me to reflect about my thoughts and state of my mind. But, even before that I allowed myself to be in the current moment, I had prepared my mind to flow with whatever is happening rather than reacting. I had framed my neurons to dance in the rain rather than running away from the platinum stringed rain bearing clouds.
Before this incident happened I had already had a bad day, and I was in a frustrated mind.
But, if you are asking me what stopped me from reacting. The answer is in that pause, because only in that pause I saw that smile and twinkle in Maya’s eyes, which made me smile rather than scream at her. Today when I am sharing this I am glad I was at peace with myself. 
That’s when I realised that, we all get irritated when the outcome is not the desired one. We don’t look at the larger picture but at the smaller things like “WHY?” Instead of building confidence in us we feed the demon in us!
We need not be an Angel always, but at least we can starve the demon in us.
It’s not about feeling good, to me it is about being in the moment and flowing with the tide. We can be a  MOAaNA, but not always we are supported by a Demigod. The demigod is within us, as we age and in the name of maturing we build our muscles with Regret, Guild, Stress and all the cousins of frustration. But, we all are still the 10 year olds, parked in the basement of our childhood.
I am sure, like I am thinking, even you might have been that child, who wanted to be appreciated, celebrated and acknowledged. Well it is possible that we might have availed all these benefits like we do or did in our organizations. I meant the care, love, affection all these we would have received as a package like PF, Gratuity, Food coupons, Reimbursements etc, but these were all deductions.
As there were frequent and monthly deductions, we started deducting our investments like happiness and health.
I wonder why not work everyday like a Mutual Fund or Money market.
As in, invest in our daily kitty with the following elements in little amounts in a simple and regular way.
– Self grooming
– “me-time”
– reflect
– exercise/meditate
– Eat healthy
– Sleep well
– Read/ write and,
loads more like this.
These are like SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
Invest in little amounts to reap large benefits!
Let me shift now to some mathematical formula.
Not even in my worst of dreams I would do that. It is not as if I do not remember the formulas or didn’t make an attempt to. The fact is that I was chosen one to be compared with the others. I always wanted to ask my friends or teachers for clarification, but I didn’t proceed with my thoughts , because I thought that whatever little I have in my brain will be stolen by them. I thought  preserving my doubts in my mind will help me in laying the golden eggs on my answer sheets. Little did I know that there were literally eggs and Unicorns dancing on my papers. I had to make a settlement between the egg and the unicorn and finally a little cat meowed in my mind . It’s okay if I can’t remember the concepts by-heart but I can “by-mind understand the concepts” and apply whenever I am ready.
So my mathematical formula is simple, keep adding the smiles, deduct or subtract that doesn’t help you grow, multiply that element/ people or community which helps you grow and accomplish your desires or outcomes and always remember to divide your share. Only when divided can you reap the benefits.
Are you asking me about the Rooomance story?
How much I try, I end up adding all the kitchen ingredients in my poem and it becomes a dummm biriyaaani. So I thought of watching some movie in the romantic genre, but as always I dozed off and when I woke up, nothing much happened. The movie was in the title stage again. This time I did manage to watch for some more time, to my surprise it was like a Tom and Jerry show and I just switched off the T.V and here I am typing out the experiences.
If not Roooomance story, how about grabbing a listen to the recent Interview podcast – Kaapi and Conversations 
Kaapi and Conversations is a garland of Interview series with the people with whom I work or have worked with or someone whom I have e-met and have admired their excellences.
It’s not about the achievements alone, it’s about the way they work and how it has helped them. To sum it up it is “How simplicity has actually helped or helps us.”
Kaapi is nothing but a Coffee.
I always feel that loads happen over a cup of coffee and here’s one with our lovely Guest, Ms.Aditi Lahiry.
Grab a listen to know about Aditi
In this show we have Ms.Aditi Lahiry.
Aditi is a Teacher, teaching English and French language along with creative writing. She is passionate about narrative writing and is a storyteller, an emerging Poet and Writer.
As you grab a listen, let me know your thoughts.
As always with best regards from Meera, your DinoinOasis.
I am sharing the link to all the podcast network, because some of you mentioned you use various podcast network 😎
Before I hit your inbox again with yet another letter, let me tell you the truth.
“Nothing is permanent, neither the worry nor the happiness, what remains is the change. Embrace it, because time and tide waits for none but it definitely gives as an opportunity to swim through”
As always your roaring Dino -Meera

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