Shadow Puppet workshop in association with Storybasket

by MeeraMayaa

A #puzzle to #solve
It follows you everywhere, it does whatever action you perform.
Well, we know that you guessed it right.
It’s our Shadow.

Will shadow share a story?
It does!
The story you create is what is replicated exactly by a shadow.

Were you someone who stopped playing with shadows in your childhood, it was not only the shadow, it was with Light too. Maybe something from Physics would have spoken to you then, and you parked it rusting in the childhood itself ?

It continues
Whether in school or college, it continues everywhere.

Even in the #Corporate for that matter.
As a Leader or as a team what kind of shadows are you creating?
Something as tall as Giraffe or small as an ant.

Play with your hands and light, it will help you solve so many things in your organization. You may never know that the neurons in your mind gets activated when you play with shadows and light.

Inviting you all for a Shadow puppet show by Storybasket an initiative run by Ms.Meera Vishwanath in collaboration with #Mayaakathawherestoriesdance ( )

A #threeday #workshop exploring #shadowplay
Keen to learn with play shadows? Join us for a fun-filled hands-on workshop!
Email us on for details and to be part of this workshop to learn and explore.


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