Second chance

by MeeraMayaa

Holding Yama’s hand
I am walking with a band,
Asked him, if its Heaven or Hell,
He replied, let me first ring the Bell.

Gupta opening the door
Wearing a Smile and Sindhoor
Handed over the data,
Enjoying the Pasta.

I asked Gupta again and again,
For which he replied in a bargain.
Asked, if I willI get a second chance
Or should you want me to dance.?

Suddenly, I was pulled by a fragrance.
Yama ready in a White-T and denim to dance
Holding my hand he asked,
“Be my Second chance, forgetting the past!”—–Plot: A conversation between me and Yama, after my death . Gupta is the ChithraGupta, Heaven’s Life and death Accountant.
—–#Poattic #secondChance written for #Artoonsinnpoetryparlour

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