Roooomantic story

by MeeraMayaa
I gathered all that courage to watch a roooooomantic movie.
At last I got that OTT option enabled on my TV, not for roomantic movies alone but to watch whatever is available. I became a Desert looking for an Oasis everywhere. That was my desperation to watch any movie under our Solar King!
(Backstage story: I thought I was typing but I was in my dreams. No wonder you all didn’t receive it yesterday)
If you want to know how I realized this?
Well t’s because of my hereditary long nose, which many of my cousins didn’t get in spite of fixing their nose in between the doors and stretching it 😉 ouuuchhh, oops, out I meant.
It is not anything great, my nose is is a nose of a Home sapien only. My grand parents had this habit of pulling every child’s leg with their nose and I was not because it was already pulled and elongated and stretched out by Lord Brahamananda (Oops who is this? 🙄), I meant Mr.Brahma who is Mr. of Mrs.Saraswarti. Also Mr.Brahm ensured to give me the eyes of popins (do you remember eating these spherical candy balls in your childhood, if not, Please check my photos on my social media handles. No! You would not find me eating them, but you would see them popping out of my eyes. Might be about my eyes some other day .
So what happened to my nose👃 ?
I had a slight pain and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t my mobile that landed on my nose and forehead but, it was I who was flat on the keyboard, on my laptop.
I wish I could have taken a picture of the same and shared.
Usually 30 mins before the bed Noooooo screen time, and I promised you all about this rooooomantic story or a poem,hence the lappi boy in my bedroom .
By now you would have realized that why I don’t write in that one particular genre.
I am so metraphorical when I get roooomantic.
For example
Your nose is like a Cashew nut,
I don’t feel like eating it but, feel like making a Cashewnut Pakodas.
Your head is like a Walnut,
and, to me it’s a nut that I can break it and fry it on a thava.
Your eyes are like a chocopie
that, I feel like putting in the milk and having it like a chocos
Your ears are so cute that,
I feel like cutting them and pasting it on my craft work!!
My dear readers, now the ball is in your court.
I think you would throw it on me
This is the reason I don’t write Roooomantic poems, because my husband says I should try murderous genre.
(Well he knows who is the protagonist and who the prey will be)
Will you all spare me?
This time I definitely need a reply on this email, so that I can be sure that you read my roooooomance waala spicy murderous poem.
Okay, one more news.
As I got the OTT on my TV, I was searching for romantic movies, but I realized that I had actually dozed-off while changing the movie options. As I my eyes popped out, it was a series, and all the characters were ready out there on the screen to jump into my living area and kick me off. 
But I have the remote!
I immediately changed it and bumped into this beautiful Malayalam movie, STAR.
What kept me awake was this movie, it is worth every second. The movie addresses the important aspect in womanhood about Menopause.
It isn’t the end but it is just a pause. And, I feel that every woman should observe the changes in our body than clearing the inboxes or the kitchen shelves. 
Breathe in and breathe out.
At my 28’s this observation of my body and thoughts helped me identify the tumour in my breast and it was excised when it just started. Might be it has revisited, but I am promising my mind and body that I would be taking care. And, I am.
Dear Men and Boys, Observe if the women in your house are irritated or insecure for no reasons, ask her not the reason, but stand next to her and tell,
“I know that you are going through something, how long would you keep it within you, I am and we are around, not only to eat what you cook, but to listen to and travel with you for the lifetime, enough of carrying them, let’s talk”
It would take time but, it’s worth every second like this movie.
That’s it for this week and here is the link to my recent podcast.
I have something coming for the International Women’s day.
As you listen to my podcast, do drop in a message or whatsapp me how you felt listening to the same. If I didn’t connect through my words, please feel free to write to me mentioning what I can do?

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