Refreshing limesoda

by MeeraMayaa

Newton’s law was easy to understand,
I failed understanding You,
Oh those were my teenage days,
I preferred being Inside,
Stopped talking and you,
As always observed me.I did as well, wishing you don’t.
You handed over a diary,
And I started sharing .
Did you teach, Perseverance there,
I learnt this, when I was awarded,
for that category at work.I wondered why, are you not,
Commenting at times,
Only today, did I realise that, Concept in
I wondered, what happened to,
your nails, why aren’t you managing?And today, I am not feeling bad,
That I didn’t parlor visit.
Asked, why didn’t you comb,
You only smiled, and today
I carry that bun, as a statement.Amma, why didn’t you colour your hair,
You said, I will pay you if you would.
Did you, teach me that every effort gets paid .
I missed my bus, several days
And you made fun,
Did you teach me, that people will make fun.You always asked me to serve Salt and sugar,
When I wanted to serve rice.
Were you teaching me,
At times, it’s pinch of sweet and spoonful of salt,
And always remain that
Refreshing limesoda both in kitchen and life.Image courtesy UnsplashWrote this for Plethora Blogazine, #Poetryprompt May 2019′ Mother’s day

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