Raining Rhymes in the ocean of Stories

by MeeraMayaa

Raining Rhymes

“Jolly Olly octopus, Jolly Olly Octopus,

Laughs away his troubles

Giggle giggle giggle, Tee Hee Hee

What a lot of laughter,

Underneath the Sea”

Thanks to Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees, for this book.

It has been saving me all the time.

An afternoon nap is important for the children, and I ensure to take my Princess to the dreamland.

Well, like you, even I find it difficult at times to make my little one sleep.

I realised that it’s my need to make her sleep, but she wasn’t ready to, because she wanted “something.”

That’s when I remembered the tool used by my grandmother,

She used to sing and narrate mythological stories every night. And today, a few stories that I know is only halfway through because, by the time she completes the narration, I would have slept.

And that’s when I thought why not use Storytelling as a tool, maybe I am late in introducing this to my little one, but it’s worth every second.

Initially, finishing one side of the page was a deal, and today it’s at least 2-3 books we read.

We sing, we dance and we repeat the same book some times for several weeks.

Not to give up and being consistent, is something I was pushed to and thanks to my Princess.

Though my intention was to take her to the dreamland, later it became a happy ritual to read to get content.

There are days, when I just wanted to close my eyes, but those few seconds were a killer.

In a sense, that my little one would pick a book and start creating stories and include the family, pets and her friends as the characters, in the narration.

At times, she was struggling with words to complete a sentence, those moments I usually thought of intervening, but she enjoyed those little space to figure out those words.

There was inquisitiveness, and I would say that every child has this phenomenon:

– to know

– to explore

– to experiment and


Question is how much we enable them to, to achieve this?

I could have bailed her by telling the word that she was looking for, but I intentionally didn’t, because there was happiness I saw in her face when she was able to find the word on her own. And this pushed me to read more to her,

Nevermind reading the same thing too.

Stories and reading are a great bridge, which enables a child to be



-a great communicator

– listener

And the list is endless.

I believe that stories are a way to create a connection between a child and the parent. Look at it, as a part of us, than a bundle of pages.

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