Pride, a dedication to June

by MeeraMayaa

Why didn’t I trust you, Oh Mirror.
You said, hey, don’t trust him.I still didn’t believe,
I thought every night will be like this for all,
Didn’t realise that I am forced to,
Quench his thirst, which will never be filled even by the floods.Today, I left him behind.Only,
To carry the shades of happiness in my eyes,
To colour my lips with love,
To chop that hair, to regrow my strength,To let my heart beat, the Voice of my mind,
To beat stories of my Tattoos.You made fun of my being,
I am a Girl and why can’t I love a Girl.
I take pride in my body and mind,
For its God also, who gave part of him to Shakti.—–A dedication to #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour

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