Palace in Rains

by MeeraMayaa

It’s fourteen years now,
Now am still not expecting
Expecting, if this rain would Rain Happiness
Happiness of our togetherness,
Togetherness of those fourteen years
Fourteen years in the Jungle
In the Jungle, woken up by the rain drops
Raindrops sliding down the leaves like a Princess
Princess, yes I was one in the Palace
Palace of Rains, in Mithila
Mithila where Mythili was born
Born with the Silver spoon
Silver spoon of the Moon
Moon, that showed me silver lining
Silver lining, that brought Dhanurdhara
Dhanurdhara, who danced with me
With me in the Rains,
Rains that brought us together
Together, only to view and
And View it today, from different places,
Places of Palace and Forest,
Forest with My twins,
Twins searching for their father,
Father of Love and Happiness,
Happiness, of me now, surrendering
Surrendering to my Mother, Vasundhara
Vasundhara who brings Rain !

#dedicationtoSita a character I love

Written for Plethora Blogazine, for the #poetryprompt June 2019


Vasundhara – Mother Earth

Sita: Mythological character, spouse of Ram in Ramyana
Mithila: A place where Sita was born

Mythili- Another name of Sita

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