Our first Night, a #100WordsStory #Flashfiction

by MeeraMayaa

It’s our first night,

There She is,
Dressed in a beautiful red saree,
Sindhoor on her forehead, just shining like her eyes,
The Anklets dancing our Love and
the Glass bangles singing rhymes in her hand..

The day I saw her, I was in love,
was it her beauty outside?

No, I am not those Men, who looked for the beauty outside.
I loved her inside out and I will always.

Yes, she is Shenu, who was gang rapped and was bathed in acid

Leave it, it’s just the past!

Now let me hold her Hand and walk miles together.

Wrote this for the Women’s web Friday #FlashFiction for the prompt shared by them on FB

Image courtesy: #Womensweb facebook page

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