Noodle and American chop sey were playing together

by MeeraMayaa
Dear Soulscribers,
We met
Our four eyes converged into one light ray.
I felt a Physics in me for the first time
Those sparkling eyes,
which pierced through my heart,
Just like those light rays passing through a prism,
And, I felt the Rainbow coming out of me
As the VIBGYOR walked out of me
I saw all the colours and it wasn’t 50 shades of love
Just One shade called
The ladoos started dancing
The butterflies sang
The dragonfly lifted us into the air,
well owing to the recent weight gain, she dropped me on a rock
Felt in my first what the Rock bottom was all about
I think the Geography walked into me
Felt Carbonated sedimentary rock in me,
narrating the story of limestone and the river flowing into the river
My mane, and it’s tail wagged
My eyes still glued to its eyes
and I felt the Noodle and American chop seys were playing together
My mane and his tail
It was so rooooooomantic that I did not feel the rush of my hormones.
Maybe the Hormones have gone on a harmonium break
See it is difficult putting up with me and my thoughts.
So I thought Kama raja and his wife would regret of releasing the cupid on me.
Since I have no hormones,
My Pseudo Hormones were playing a mandolin in a Nadaswaram with the tal by Tabla,
and, do you want to know who played the Kathak and Salsa..
Well, I don’t know.
No wonder Barath, Yes my partner neither in crime nor the roomantic
No wonder I see him talking to himself than to me
He says, cupid arrows will take a reverse turn to the releasing agent and slap him not once but for the life time
Since I promised I will write a Roooooomantic poem, what you read is one.
I just hope you don’t find me address and kick me
If you are still wondering how did the noodle strings and american chopsuey happen
Well it is a Dog story
I was on my walk and he was too
Maybe he was on a Heat, owing to my love to the paw family
This damn fella thought that I belong to his family too
As he neared sniffing me, he realized that
Sheeez it is not a Chitzuuu or labbi, GS it’s a DAMN HOMOSAPIEN fit for nothing, who can only right Rubbish and send it out to her folks.
As I was penning down these lines, I remembered that 
My garden surprised me with Tommies, flowers and there’s one more
for email - 3rd April.jpg      IMG20220403075136.jpg
Looks like I became a motivational speaker to someone, He does loads for Maya but trimming the nail is something he says, Pehle aap
All of a sudden a rush of words and I told
“You can Bar, You can Bar”
He said, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, You might write yet another Rooomantic poem and I would might as well trim Maya’s nail.”
And Maya’s expression, “Why Meera amma is like this, Appa ” and he had an expression which was totally opposite to the one 16 years back.
Something happened this week.
And our Preeti S. Manaktala invited yours truthfully for an Interview.
It was a lovely connection and this is a great initiative by Asian Literary Society. Here’s a link and I invite you to check it out  to join the community and here’s the link to the Interview.
In this interview we spoke about Mayaakatha, where stories dance, LetsMakeStoriesDance, books poetry and a sneak peek into my schedule (nothing much, just the madness packed in a back to back calendar) 
I wish to Thank Preeti, Kirti, Kokila for this wonderful evening and the Video compilation of my journey.
Gals and Boys, do share your thoughts on my Rooooomantic poem and madness packed in my 5ft height.
Loads more and this time I am planning to take Newton for a walk.
If I am writing this, it’s because you are reading the piece and am grateful to you all.
Also, here’s a link to previous letters
Today’s letter will be up by afternoon on because I wish to share this piece with my email group first.
And, after this I and Maya are going on a Mommy ma Baby ma breakfast date

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