NGK Movie reveiwing

by MeeraMayaa

NGK movie
Language: Tamizh
Directed by Selvaraghavan
Actors: Surya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul preet, Bala Singh, Ponnvannan, DhevarajA political Drama, well what happens to crown the glory, it can be washing someone’s $hiit as well, wearing 2-3 skins above one’s own character, in the “name fitting” into the character, as per the Political Syllabus.
Well how true it is, can be answered by the politicians alone.The protagonist Kumaran, is played by the Dravidian hunk Surya, a PhD, running Organic Farming, only to be threatened by the Local goons who are financed by the MLAs/ politicians, not giving heed brings him and his village to the road, and forcefully pushed to Political journey by Bala Singh (oh he does a great role, well rehearsed and imbibed the character), encounter with Vanathi the PR, influencer in politics with the Corporate tag, doubted by the loving wife Sai Pallavi (gal you are an amazing actress, you are like a dew drop, which everyone wishes to see every morning),
A gambling by the CM, and Ponnvannan, making Surya shred the image of choco boy, and
Play the chameleon..How did I miss Illavarasu, the MLA,
A flawless actor he is, who gets dissolved later..Too many characters, I know it’s a political story,but Thalaivasal Vijay, Vela Ramamoorthy, N.Ravi roles are wasted, with No dialogues, rather role.
Question to the director #Selvaraghavan- Why have these actors, when they were least on the screen.
– Song with Rakul, was a spoiler. Is it really required to shake those legs, when everything is burning.
– And this dialogue between two polticians,
“Send Kumaran, to my place to help me, and the other responds, You can take my wife but not Kumaran”
We are evolving and throwing away these kind of disgusting mentalities, why then glue this in the movie?
–NGK, Nandha Gopalan Kumaran is a political movie
Why such a big name, does the educated hunk turn into a Great Politician, is it about licking the show or being honoured with the garlands, what has these lady Loves gotta do, does he escape the politics or ..Grab a seat, eat that popcorn, scratch your head at times, drool at Dravidian Hunk
And come here and tell me what you experienced 😉🤔

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