Newton-Pineapple and Kaapi

by MeeraMayaa
Dear SoulScribers!
I came across an ad talking about looking for “future Tagores.”
Tagore was a Polymath, a poet, a writer, social reformer, playwright, a composer and, on the whole a Storyteller!
How open are we about our children being one? Because we want them to be mathematicians or scientists! Never want to pin their knowledge to a story. Not all Teachers but the teachers I have come across have always asked me to “STOP Telling a STORY”. It’s not the Teacher’s fault but it is the system/process/ syllabuses we have grown up in and directing our next generation to the same pit again.
I have this Dinosaur in me which slaps me or hugs me to wake up at 4.00 a.m and kick me to finish my learning, podcasting, writing and work strategies before 10-11 a.m in the morning.
But, of late this damn creature is dating a BEAR and they started hibernating especially in the early hours.
When I wake up, I see these animals talking to each other about their polar days and the Jurassic days. Well, hypnotizer are these two animals that I hug my butterfly and cradle back and when the shutter of my eyes opens, it is 6.30. And, this time is good enough to do the rain dance with my minion under the shower and pack the breakfast, lunch and snacks to school.
Well, I am used to this early morning hours, Thanks to my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya (M.E.G & Centre, Bangalore) that we are used to our first period starting at 7.10 a.m.
We need to have a goal if we want to wake up early, and for me it was my Rosie darling, I was in love with her and she was too. (Stop your imagination, I know what you are thinking).
I loved opening the tiffin box filled with Parle-G and she loved the sound of the box.
She loved the twinkle in my eyes and I loved her bushy bushy dancing tails.
Yes, You are right!
It’s my mongi baby, a lovely doggie baby.
That was my motivation to wake and after that the whole day used to be a story of unsaid words of partiality/ biases/ marks till 2.00 p.m.
Owing to the Defence background of my Appa (He was an Auditor), we children were picked and dropped back to our houses in Army buses or Trucks. Rosie used to wait for me and I used to wait to see her. Because, I felt that only she could connect with my stories and, I with her unsaid words through her twinkling eyes and mixed german shepherd bushy tail. Not even in her rarest of dreams she might have imagined a Hooooman talking about Newton’s law with her, but I cried my heart out to her that, “Rosie, I don’t know how to by-heart these laws and why on earth Newton sat under the apple tree, why not on a pineapple one, so that he got his back -porcupined and parked the discovery somewhere under the earth”
I also remembered sharing few equations with her and she thought that I am showing my love through laws and equations.
Today, I was in my minion’s school and as I was waiting for the children to parade out from their classes, my loli pop eyes fell on a book which a child had left it by mistake.
After 22 years, I grabbed a 9th standard Physics book (with answers).
And, to my surprise, it looked like a coffee table book. It didn’t have any colours or the pictures, it was loaded with equations and words maze, but today I thought if not the black horse strings in my teens I am sure that the platinum will teach me something.
I never thought that I would be reading this book like I enjoy a kaapi.
This subject is like a love-hate relationship, I loved the fact about learning new concepts, but the hatred with myself that I cannot understand the concept.
But it looked as though Newton Maharaaj was narrating a story to me about his discovery of the three laws, with Tenali, Akbar, Birbal and my Rosie ofcourse.
I understood F =ma
and a bit on mu1, mu2,
Also, some equations.
My question was why was I able to understand this easily today, which I struggled, back in my Gurukul days. That’s when I realised that any one can understand any subject, if it was taught in a way a child can understand. And, that is possible through stories.
Stories need not be always a long one,
one word has a powerful story within too.
My story doesn’t end here!
Usually am in my jamas like that Pepa in pepa pig cartoon show, same was the story when I and Barath dropped our product in school. I packed Idlies, Red chuttni and Puliogare for my minion and we both waved a tatta and started back home. All of a sudden our both eyes met each other and we didn’t utter a word, we just got into action. Yes! Our roooomantic story when we saw two people eating Masaaaaal dosa in a kutti hotel and, we landed on the battlefield and had our date over a masaala dosa, each of us looking at one dog and a cat playing in the parking lot.
(Gals and boys! Curse me not for this rooomantic story, Did I not mention that am excellent in this genre)
As the butter and masala dosa glided into our respective tummies, we just went on a drive and almost hit the Bannerghata National park.
I could hear a few animals talking, I felt that I got a super natural power, but the Bird over there was alerting the Guard not to let these two into the zoo as they will spoil our roomantic life, pls kick them out.
I in my jamas and with a few ghee drops (the classified butter) on my “Ghar ka-kurta” and Barath in his Black T and Jeans continued our journey and then we landed up in a musical instrument shop and we spoke there for sometime and bought a Violin.
Also, I have booked a slot for our book launches there.
The story didn’t end here
We went back to School to pick our little dino and that’s when the physics and kaapi story happened.
Lil dino said, let’s go for a Movie or to the mall nearby.
Looking at my avatar, the mall bhaiyya didn’t ask for a vaccination chart either.
I even thought of giving myself a pair of kurti and jeans.
Thanks to platinum which just alerted me that it’s okay to flow in the rivers of jamas and we watched Kashmiri files. I have my friends/colleagues talking about what happened to them and, sitting away from the Head of our country, we didn’t realise the gravity or the pain that they faced!
Aren’t we blessed and safe-guarded in several ways?
Why not narrate a story of Gratitude or Kindness.
Why is it that we share those stories which are not helping anyone, why share those stories which are pushing our self-esteem to the ground..
Today is 20th March and world storytelling day. Let’s share stories about Love, Kindness and Bravery to our children
Let’s sow the seed of Confidence in our children through stories. Nobody has to nip them in the bud, but they will by themselves! If the latter shouldn’t happen, what stories are we sharing with them is something we have to think about?
Here’s Happy news to all of you!
Our projects
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