“n” to the power

by MeeraMayaa

Some days are filled with

The likes, shares and comments,

Some days are a Desert,

A desert of emotions and, that’s

When I saw an Oasis, who always

Liked, loved and shared her every bit,

Yes, That’s Amma.

I always, asked her

How much do you love me,

Is it Anna or me

Do you really like me

And why do you like me

Also, why do you scold me?

And for all the questions,

Like the mathematics principle

She played a “Constant” emotion

That emotion which can bear

Anything or any heavy weight on

That “n” to the power…

Today when I am Amma to

My Princess, I realized

What it’s like

Liking, sharing and,

commenting only when required,

Also learning Constant phenomenon

of Life, learnt from Amma’s kitchen!

A dedication to all The Mothers

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