my Aspirations and where am today

by MeeraMayaa

My Appa has still has those marks cards in his draw, which only I can access now.

Did you think it’s 100 or even 35/100

No it was 0/10

I never liked to study
I loved playing with the dogs, cats, cows and vacation time I used to take care of the Donkeys (the Dhobiwaala used to bring along) and wanted to take care of Pigs too but they shooed me 😭😭😭
This means I wanted to be Veterinarian.

I helped my folks in the village to gather the cowdung
(Now stop that imagination🤣🤣🤣 you are playing in front of your eyes)

I flunked my 1st standard and was made to attend this grade again.
And by now, I started leading the battalion through storytelling (something I liked performing even then)
If you wanted to know what stories?
It used to be like this
“Don’t listen to your parents and teachers they are Monsters :/”

(And I didn’t mean it, pls don’t attack me 😉 )

I threatened my mom and teacher that I will not write exams and fought with them for almost 30-45 mins in the class (in the 1st grade 😉 )

At last they gave up,
And I wrote and threw the paper with the answers written 🙂
(Karma has revisited in the form of my minion now).

This energy and confidence I owe it to my initial school days in the Airforce and Kendriya Vidyalaya.

When someone asked what I wanted to become?
I used to say, I would like to get married and have 4 kids
Gosh why I don’t know now…

With all these aspirations I grew up..
Oops the brain part only, Not the damn height

And I was always a Backbencher and silent Dàaku…

I wanted to be a Microbiologist.
Well I did Diploma in Molecular Biology, Honours in Tissue culture and loved Chemistry, especially Bio-Chemistry. Also did a project in Defence food research laboratory too, in Mysore, apart from my Degree in microbiology.

And then my parents wanted to get me married
Oops they wanted to escape..

And then my journey in Human Resources, Training, Employee engagement, Recruitment happened, for 15 years.

One day I submitted resignation to myself.
Yes quit the HR job.

I always wanted to be with the Kids and wanted to be a Veterinarian.
Well with kids yeah I can
Veterinarian hmm na na..not now.

Now I am living that real world through
– Storytelling ( to kids and parents)
– As an Enabler (Coach/Trainer) to the Teachers through NLP, trained around 200-400 teachers till date and some more projects on the way
– Writing (it’s a droplet in this ocean). Gifted myself my first book

– Empanelled with a Pre-school for storytelling and content work..

And currently am working on a module which would use,
Neuro Linguistic Programming and Storytelling to help children/Parents to use their uniqueness in connecting through right usage of words and the resources within them to develop on their own and respect the same that of others…
A long short, route ahead….

It’s an #Aspiration
And I owe this to my lil Minion Maya, she taught me motherhood is not only about feeding and making the lil one sleep.
It’s isn’t a challenge

because it’s an aspiration…
(Hell of aspirations ;))

And this image is one story I created with this tiny soul…

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