Monsoon in Draupadi

by MeeraMayaa

It’s monsoon after several years
And in Hastinapur as well.
Successor is placed, and it’s
Raining happiness in him.
Enough said the Battlefield,
As they wanted to welcome the clouds
To wash the blood.
Dewdrop, Abhimanyu was wheeled in,
Shikandi quenched her thirst
Benevolence never hugged his mother,
To whom only friend was the only silver lining.
And the elderly breathing last on the arrows.
And it’s only we Six,
welcomed by the Earth who was
Ready to embrace the clouds,
And the thunder surrendering to “Om”.
Six of us walked
The Himalaya opend the gate
With Sumeru, waiting for us
And then we also had a four legged
walking with us .
The snow flakes smiling at me
And I see me dancing
Peacefulness of drizzle,
Cheerfulness of water droplets
And here am breathing my last
breath in the bed of Monsoon.

Image courtesy: File:Death of Draupadi – Illustrations from the Barddhaman edition of Mahabharata.jpg
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This is a free style poen, dedicating to Draupadi, a mythology character in Mahabharata.
It’s a fiction I created about her thoughts after the war in my mind, between the Kauravas and Panadavas in Mahabharata .
When Draupadi and the Pandavas climb their way towards the heaven, Draupadi is the first one to die and I brought about her thoughts in the few lines as she was dying.

Exclusively submitted for the Monthly Anthologies.

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