Meera here and am happy to share about something!

by MeeraMayaa
Nothing around us changes, neither do we for that matter at times!
Let’s create an ecosystem for each other and to nudge each other’s journey.
Thank you so much for opening this email and leaving your beautiful eye balls to grab a read.
I have interacted with you all while compiling Anthologies/ Poetry connects. I am just 5 feet tall Homosapien dropped on this earth, Yes, neither the Heaven nor the Hell could bear my weight. And, now am adding those little bit of flesh and life to my words. I don’t follow a syllabus, I was that back bencher in school and colleges. Owing to my height I was dragged to first bench but I found all ways to escape, since I love samosas and doughnuts, I used find my College canteen as a safe place to hide by filling my basement.
Oops, that’s me. My parents used to say, even if I get lost, people will ensure that they will drop me back and run away the very next moment. Not only my house, well I used to bring down my neighbor’s roof too. But Karma will not spare us and I leave it to your imagination now to complete or just laugh about what am going through.
Mohterhood, OMG. It’s such an out of syllabus subject that I started walking, jumping, running and became a portable Toy to my minion. That’s when I felt an urge to record and write what I experience.
One such mistake is this PODCAST too. Not an Adult content, since am not matured enough still
And, I invite you to grab a listen as it would help me in making a note of your observations. Remember that I have a fragile heart, every time it breaks I order a new piece from the online marketplaces.
Here’s my recent podcast
I am excited to share this with you all.
Also that the podcast has hit 100+ plays.
Well, scoring a century has been the most difficult task in my childhood or in college days,
But this number is so special when my 40 beginning is playing around with me..
Initially I thought of applying some technology and sending an email to you all using mail-merge. I somehow felt it would be email to email conversations and I would miss the essence of sharing how happy I am feeling as I am writing these lines. This isn’t a mass email either. We all live in a cocoon called earth and are constantly striving and fighting to transform our lives. Everything around goes voiceless for sometime but not our own voice, which has a plethora and plethora of stories to share with us. Like a child don’t we all get excited when we receive appreciation, Oh Boy! I feel that we all have that exuberance and excitement even in this platinum stringed gracious old age ( Not as old as an Old Munk though  well I don’t even an empty bottle here)
Did I say Voice?
We call our children hyperactive, but as an Adult we are one is what I feel about ourselves. Like a swipe on our phone, we keep swiping our mind with millions of thoughts and everything dies as it starts . That’s when I thought of recording what I am thinking and felt good hearing my own voice because that voice had emotions and feelings. I was like, before it sublimes, let me burn it like a camphor and feel the aura. Thus my journeying into Storytelling, V-lgging, Audiobooks and Podcast and …..
How long can my mind listen to what I say, before it thinks about slapping me, I thought let me start this series called #CoffeesandRoars with this DinoinOasis. Believe me, Dinosaurs are better than Homosapiens and you can trust them as they keep roaring reality in our mind.
Hitting it straight, I am excited and waiting to Interview people and their journey/ excellences on my Podcast channel. I have 25-30 registrations and am Thankful to all and the ALMIGHTY!
I am crazy and mad about data/ google sheets or ms excel, No am not good, I just like filling the boxes with expenses, investments, shares, mutual funds, monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly goals, strategies and my daughter’s homework too. Sometime back I entered how many times my dog and cat may have fought too. (Oh! that’s a bit of craziness and it’s a black and white story)
I will be soon be sharing the details and the Podcast link. This is going to be Season 2. If you feel,MEERA, Stop sending these emails. I will stop and bless you that you are missing madness in your life
Recording and other works in progress.
I Will connect back soon, just bear with me as I am a Bear at times, currently not in Polar land but very much on the Deccan Plateau.
Until then, let your platinum shine
Let the mind go mad
Let your voice share the truth
And bring back the rusting childhood back from the parking lot
Do share your thoughts about my podcast.

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