Meera and her work

by MeeraMayaa

Meera is a wandering Dinosaur.
Like a George in Pepa, she too loves Dinosaur. She is a sparrow in the morning, an Eagle in the afternoon and an Owl in the later part, listening to the Dinosaur within her.
– She is an M.Sc in Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, with 14 years experience in the HR, Recruitment and Training.

Meera’s current projects:

1) #LetsMakeStories, a facebook group for the children and adult, dedicated to quilling thoughts into a Butterfly along with her writing buddies in creating a battalion of writers, to quill stories or poems or free flowing thoughts.
( )
2) Mayaakatha – Through Mayaakatha as a tag name, she runs a Storytelling channel for the Parents and the Children on FB and YouTube

3) Freelancing with a leading Publishing house as a Trainer-working with the Teachers through story telling and Neuro linguistic Programming-NLP (Till date worked with 200-400 teachers to identity ways in connecting with more ease with their children/students than rushing behind the schedules/syllabus, in their own way)

4) That apart Meera wanders in her blog page and Video blogs on her face book time line ;

5) And to gift herself, she self published two books
Mayaakatha and Coffee with Soul
& co-authored in 10 anthologies, with few more work in progress.

About her Projects
– She Self published
1. Mayaakatha
2. Coffe with Soul and1) Been awarded as Author of the year 2019 by #NE8x® Online Literature fest for her debut book, Mayaakatha2) Certified as One of the Top 100,debut Authors by Criticspace and Literatureslight for 2019

3) Nominated as Influential Woman award for 2k20 and Top 100 debut Authors again..for 2019/2020

4) Awarded as TSM Influential Women award for the year 2020

5) Awarded as Nari Samman – Woman of Substance by, Literoma 2020

– Co-authored in the following Anthologies
1. Out of the Woods
2. Bowl of Peace
3. Petrichor, Collection of Monsoon musings
4. Quilled by Patriotism
5. For you My Dear
6. A Jar of Stories
7. Poems from 30 best Poets
8. Curiosity
9. Unbolted Hearts
10. Taste Her Mind
Currently she is working on two Anthologies
&A book for Children and she plans to release the same, by this summer..

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