You don’t, let the world change for you, Honey!

by MeeraMayaa

Baby Shark do do do do

Mommy shark do do do do

Grandma shark do do do do

Little Vrushali, makes her Granny Pankaja And Mommy Nethra dance to this rhyme every day. Even their cat Zing and doggy Sheru knows it, by-heart. It’s a divine moment for the Mommy Granny duo.

As they were enjoying the moment,

Nethra, travelled back five years down the timeline. The flood didn’t stop her from traveling from one corner to the other corner of Chennai, the tsunami within her made her to swim against all the tide. Same Nethra, who was ready to withstand anything for her spouse Shekar, also withstood the labelling by her in-laws that she can never mother a child.

After few years, she didn’t mind the labelling, but what made her shatter was, Shekhar marrying his colleague. She felt cheated, betrayed and thrown out, and wanted to fly to her mother’s nest like that little sparrow.

Several days passed by, but more than the trust being broken, she felt miserable that she can’t carry. Pankaja did all that she could, to make her daughter feel good, only for her words to travel the deaf years.

It was 01 January 2014, Pankaja gave birth to another Princess at the age of 57, through surrogacy. And it was a granny carrying grand daughter in her womb. Least did she bother about the neighbours, colleagues and the relatives, because it was all about building a nest for her daughter.

She felt this was the least she could.

Pankaja placed, little Vrushali on Nethra’s hand and said,

“Sweetie, you don’t have to change for the world, the world will change for you, You can be a Mother even without carrying a child in your womb. It’s the life that cocoons our love for our children to fly like a butterfly, leave aside what the world will say. A mother is A Mother. Let the world change for you, Honey


Nethra, wiped her tears and sang

Happy birthday Vrushali along with her Pillar support Mother,

And it’s,

01st January 2019.


#AmWriting #Iwontchangeyouforthe worldIwillchangetheworldforyou

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