Last letter in Red words

by MeeraMayaa

“The Spirit of Asia Contest”
#LastLetter #ALS

Why wait for the Eleventh hour?
When am dying every second.
Why wait for me to go six feet under the feet
When you have been killing me everyday!

As my veins have dried the last drop
Here’s my letter in red.
Worry not, it will not kill you
But it will not let others to kill at least.

Is it wrong to be born as a Yakshi
Is it wrong to carry one in my womb
You didn’t allow me to live
Why didn’t you let her at least

She carries my “X” and yours too
Then what is not yours in “Her?”
Will she not have that curly hair
And hazel eyes like that of yours.

Why did you not let her see the world?
I would have taken her to create one.
This last letter is a promise
That we will keep coming back to Fight!

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