Kaapi and Conversations – Podcast Interview Series – Papiya Pal

by MeeraMayaa

#Kaapiandconversations Season 2, Episode – 2


Kaapi is nothing but a Coffee.
Kaapi and Conversations is a garland of #interviewseries with the people with whom I work or have worked with or someone whom I have e-met and have admired their excellences/ work.

It’s not about the achievements alone, it’s about the way they work and how it has helped them grow.

To sum it up it is “How simplicity has actually helped or helps us.”

Each of us are not only Unique but we are special too, for the excellences we exhibit with our own resources.

Purpose of this connect is not to motivate you, but to make you realize and appreciate about yourself.

Do you wish to share your journey?
You may write to dinoinoasis@gmail.com or message here in the comments box or dm.

I always feel that loads happen over a cup of coffee and here’s one with our lovely Guest, Ms.Papia Pal

Ms.Papia, a Postgraduate in Economics has always been driven by a relentless desire to remain abreast of her times. A high school teacher for about 21 years, she has been an avid reader with a penchant for penning down her thoughts and experiences through poems and short stories. Many of her poems and short stories have been published in prestigious anthologies in India and abroad. Her poem “Collage” had been published by Sampad in their anthology
“Inspired by Gandhi”, “Snapshots around the Lake” was published by “Indian Poetry Review-2021”.

Her poem “Delhi Book Fair Goes Virtual” won the 1 st prize at the Delhi Book Fair of 2020.
Very recently her poem “Tit bits of Hunger” has been included in an international anthology.
Besides, her poems have been published in Sharing Stories the best digital magazine today and several digital platforms.
She believes that writing is a journey and is a reflection of her inner world coupled with the pearls of experiences strewn around us in our daily lives. Writing has helped her to find a voice for those voiceless moments rearing their eager heads for a pertinent expression. At Word Munchers, she is actively involved in nurturing children and adults to pen down their imagination for future readers and thereby living the life of her dreams.
As you a grab a listen, let me know your thoughts.
As always with best regards from Meera, your DinoinOasis.
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