Kaapi and Conversations – Podcast Interview Series – Aditi Lahiry Episode 1

by MeeraMayaa

Launching it today!
It is #KaapiandConversations
“We are a culmination of blessings!” (with due credit to Anand Nair) I am stealing these lines, it’s powerful. We may call ourselves independent, to be one, we definitely need guidance and support from many. An ecosystem is incomplete without the flora and fauna so is without the life and values we learn in every walk of our life.
I live with the purpose
“Transforming words and emotions into stories of emotional and mental well-being”
My Season -1 was with how words not only help in roaring but in healing too.
And here’s the Season – 2 with Kaapi and Conversations.
The first episode is with Aditi Lahiry (It started with a similar fashion like in our school days, with role number 1 being alphabetical letter A)
Thank you, Aditi for your time.
To all of you, we connected at 05.30 a.m to get this Interview.
Kaapi and Conversations is a garland of Interview series with the people, with whom I work or have worked with or someone whom I have e-met and have admired their excellences.
It’s not about the achievements alone, it’s about the way they work and how it has helped them. To sum it up it is “How simplicity has actually helped”
Kaapi is nothing but a Coffee.
I always feel that loads happen over a cup of coffee and here’s one with our lovely Guest, Ms.Aditi Lahiry.
Grab a listen to know about Aditi .
Aditi is a Teacher, teaching English and French language along with creative writing. She is passionate about narrative writing and is a story teller, an emerging Poet and Writer.
As you a grab a listen, let me know your thoughts.
As always with best regards from Meera, your DinoinOasis

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