It’s a Long story! Oops a Nose story

by MeeraMayaa
I have parked the link to my Podcast at the end of this email. As you click and listen here are my little stories
And some of you are receiving my email for the first time, this email is not a Newsletter but a letter filled with News Headlines of my Life through the words in an email and in my DinoinOasis podcast.
Did I mention my height in the previous blog?
I think I would have done that.
Till my 9th standard in school, I didn’t bother about my height. But, peer pressure and people around me always mistook me for being in class 6/7. I tried my level best in convincing but realised that they never grew in their head space. I for some days thought that their head space is empty or rather filled with mud. I also wished that it should be a fertile one so that when they are sleeping I can steal a portion of it for my plants as a manure, little did I realise that it’s a marsh land filled with methane. The same CH4 ! I left them in their space and I was practicing Jumping, even if the things were in my reach, I would place it at greater heights and thought months of jumping would help me in growing tall.
All of sudden I thought, what if only my legs grew and if I looked like a crane, then I would have to fish from the pond, a difficult task, not because it’s a pond but the main reason is you will find me flat and parallel to the ground when I slip from a drop of water.
I thought instead of jumping I would rather spend my time effectively satisfying myself with a Curd rice and a mango pickle. And that would be the favourite throughout my life, if I can get curd I shouldn’t bother to jump like Little Krishna to steal butter and curd.
The Jumping phenomenon for growth stopped.
But there’s one more story here, I used to jump like a Kangaroo from one room to another. I had a dog called Rosy, she used to come to my place to steal a share of my curd rice. This story for another day. But when she saw me jumping and serving her curd rice, she was shocked and stared at me for almost 5 good minutes, I thought she was looking at me in an endearing way but the truth was that she was enduring the madness that I had showcased in front of her eyes. She stopped wagging her tail thinking I am obsessed by a Kangaroo monster and I would obsess her soon.
The jumping story stopped.
I am Thankful to my parents that they didn’t sell me off! Like I mentioned in my last e-mail, the buyer will return me to the seller within 5 mins. Forget about ROI. The buyer will pay interest to my parents. My parents didn’t think about it though, maybe they could have invested in some shares or mutual fund.
I think some assets if sold will be returned but they continue giving ROI without being sold again.
I am such a product.
ROI here is Growth. 
Only the neurons in my mind grew due to the madness.
They say that effort gets paid. I think I grew from 4″9 to 5″0. It wasn’t a milestone achievement but a mega achievement since I would proudly say that I am in the 5.AM club, oooooops, no I am also part of the elite 5″ crowd.
That’s my growth story, I am still the same person who would satisfy her need with curd rice and a mango pickle. If that would be an issue, then I will have to start skipping, jumping, might be bungee jumping, some High wire walk (Oh Meera stop it, walking between the chairs you tumble down so many times and you are talking about high wire walk)
Let’s turn to a good story, some say mine is a story from a comedy genre. The backstory to this is that I wanted and I did write a romantic poem, but people laughed and laughed reading the lines. I had to tell them that it’s a Rooooomaaaaaantic poem. I definitely have that story and some other day I will share it and you can also laugh.
My sympathy that you all are reading my garlands of words.
That’s the problem, in spite of people telling me that
Meera!!! You will never grow.
Good I stopped growing, else I would have been a Giraffe feeding on leaves in a zoo.
Even now I want to be serious about what I share, but this is my Growth story 
Hey, now don’t park it aside.
Here’s my podcast that I wish to share with you all.
Though I wanted a pin drop silence, No the pin didn’t drop but a construction equipment lorry said a Hi inbetween and I thought let it do that pom pommmmmm..
Please note that while typing these lines, I waved a Bye Bye to a flight.

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