I will never leave you, I am your Shadow!

by MeeraMayaa

My pink and his soft lips, were locked.
The Moon was hiding,
Oh we kissed,I thought it was divine.That divineness, which was shared with his father, brother and cousins, in the name of Revenge.
Even the Crocodile would have melted, but not them.

I had nothing on my body, but for my heart and Mind.
Both were accepted by my Soul,

I jumped the wall,
The Moon showed the path,
Drenched my soul in the Rain,

And I saw my shadows after a month,
Which stood up, sayingI will never leave you, until my last breadth.—-Image courtesy UnsplashWrite this piece for #Womensweb #100wotdsstory #FlashFiction#FlashFiction #FlashFictionWomensWeb #100wordsstory

Published in the book, Out of the Woods

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