I am on a date with ‘e – Certificates’

by MeeraMayaa

I wake up to ten to twenty notifications on my social media handles. Here’s an event, there’s yet  another and at couple of places in the digital world, there’s a result announcement of the previous weeks’ event on, who has won the ‘winner tag’ or let alone the ‘special mention badge.’ I get recognized as a ‘Fan’ at times, for liking and commenting a maximum number of times on that page or in that particular community.

Oh! I have a badge next to my name, I feel excited! Because getting one used to be difficult one, be it in the school or college days.

In another forum, I earned a certificate for participating in the events for the entire month. Also, I see that I have a certificate been delivered to my inbox. Wearing my ‘wondering cap,’ I wonder if I won these recognitions? Well, I pinch my husband to confirm the reality. That, “Aaaooiuch,” from him confirms that I have won these e-recognitions and e-certificates. My thumb finger feels elated that, this woman is moving yet another e-certificate to the folder, “Accolades and Recognitions,” on phone. And the phone has got the instructions to automatically save it in Google drive. Believe me, I procrastinate, but my thumb finger and little leftover neurons in my apparatus above my neck never miss this task. I am sure that, one day they would organize a Recognition day event too in my Mind. Mind you, nobody is allowed here. Not because it’s a private affair, well, it’s because of the fact that the Owner of this body is precarious and lazy about being recognized or being part of these events and even otherwise, nor like she has earned a lot, but she is wondering what should she do with these certificates and medals today?

A few years back…

I enjoyed opening my Certificate file holders and admire the mark sheet, report cards, those participation certificates in dance, and some science quizzes and competitions. Do you see a pattern? Let me open the pandora box, I have always been good at winning Participation certificates, be it 10 or 100 participants in an event.  It doesn’t take much from you, it’s just about showing the face or filling those few documents to win a participation certificate. And this flashback on ‘100% participation in the events holds good for a backyard story, maybe some other day.

Hey! If you are imagining that Meera was a topper or someone who scored maximum, I am sorry that I need to wash your imagination and prick a needle on your shoulders and show the marks sheet, which says 2/15, 0/10 – my first standard marks card, then progressed to 5/15 and then finally 60-70/ 100. But I enjoy these stories to date. That’s history. Come along, let me throw the fishing stick and hook your brain to travel with me in the present.

Where do I save these ‘e-certificates’ ?

There are so many events and so many e-certificates and I am wondering where do we save them, though we might have enough space in our Google drive or in the phone memory. The first win is always special and maybe the subsequent wins too.

Today, when I take part in the events, I am actually rushing to submit my words garland, at times I just run the third party work by delegating the grammar check to Grammarly, when I don’t see those bold and bright red underlines, worst than our school Teachers drawing those lines in our notebooks in the school, I feel saved. Maybe I am squeezing the creative juices, which managed to stay with me holding few glands in my head. Wine tastes better when it’s given that space and time and doesn’t this hold good with our creative juice manufacturing unit in our squeezed dumbbell-shaped apparatus above our neck. I heard two neurons talking to each other in my head, well, the story is that I have only two fellas left and am bribing them to stay in my head for some more time. Are you wondering what they spoke? Well, it’s as good as not listening. But my thumb finger can’t keep the secret. The secret is that there’s no more creativity element left in my head. It has a large landing space for the Certificates to be saved in mind.

Today aren’t we rushing to hit that deadline or penultimate line to submit our quills. We might love to write, here’s my question, are we compromising our writing quality for the sake of participating or submitting our write-up. It’s not only about the last-minute work, for a person like me, only when my seat is on fire my brain works, maybe like that frog in boiling water waiting to escape.  There are so many events that sometimes, we want to leave a mark in most or all the places.  In the process, it’s just about delivering the letters everywhere, at times the same letter!

Why do we do this?

There can be several reasons, I feel, instant recognition and instant gratification is the easy way out in this Digital world. After tasting this success as Happiness rather instantly recognized success, which we used to slog out for in our entire life, how can we leave or miss it on the back burner or to someone else to enjoy? Surprised be not, the latter is also possible!

Taking you all in a flashback mode, maybe you can build those streaming clouds above your head.

Be it in the school or college days, taking part in an event or competition in itself was a big task. It’s like an ice-breaking session, one due to peer pressure, two self-doubt, three Procrastination and you may have some from your side to add to this list. After taking part in the events, how many times have we received the recognitions or prizes perse? Haven’t we faced biases or preferences over some of our friends by our Teachers or Event organizers? After crossing this hurdle did we manage to get even that mere face value recognition?

Like I did, maybe some of you may have faced a similar situation. And for the shy offline people we maybe otherwise, the digital world has definitely given that little space to vent our thoughts, build a home with our-own way of setting things, create a mind space for our passion and hobbies.

We continue doing this!

Instant recognition or being recognised has occupied a space in our mind that it constantly produces those hormones to write or to take part in the events. For someone who is working, it’s an opportunity to be recognised, which he or she couldn’t get at their work for their efforts. For a home maker/stay at home spouse, it’s a medium to vent out and that venting out getting shaped into an e-certificate, which they don’t get even if their cooking was excellent, or the garden was well done or for enabling their child to complete the homeworks or for taking care of the Finance/Budget of the house. It’s simply put in the backburner again. Amount of Appreciating a person comes down over a period of time and this could be because of various reasons, maybe it’s a regular affair to complete a job, maybe the relationship is taken for granted, or maybe we are a miser when we need to appreciate our own folks at home! And when the Degital world opens a door, it’s a normal human tendency to jump.

Will this stop? But..

This trend may or may not stop. Again,it’s on our hands, oops, the Mind game rather. Taking part and being recognised is okay, but how are we doing this is a Question.

Are we forcing ourselves to take part in the events?

– Is it because of the peer pressure?

– Are we addicted to this instantly made successes?

– Are we trying to escape from the real world, say at least for sometime?

– Are we stagnant about living in our Real world?

– Are we craving for Recognitions and e-certificates?

– or is it the instant face value in the digital space?

There could be many but what we can or should at this juncture?

Love in the Present, Pause, reflect and take the battle, chunk by chunk.

Because, writing is an experience not a pressure!


Whatever I shared is just my thoughts!

And, I am planing to write a series/follow-up..

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