How Mayaakatha happened in my life-the Book

by MeeraMayaa

My last promise to Appa,
The lost words
The cocoon in me wanting to fly
The caterpillar wanting to feed on the words,
taking me to the Illusion world, believing that there is reality in this Maya world that I can bring it to the reality, through my experience and words.
Those words which were quilled together, every night,
One day it was stars,
One day it was moon
And some days it was the darkness.

The darkness which showed me, that there’s a child who wants to come out.

That child who was screaming,
“Meera, what are you waiting for, why are you searching me in the others, they cannot fish me out, please take me out, I want to see you my dear”

As I bailed that child, a part of me came alive,
That child showed me what it’s all about reflecting and what it’s all about learning.
Also how I can get these two on the same boat.
When my experience and learning started traveling together,
I accepted myself with the resources I have within,
I accepted others earlier without a choice, but now as a Unique piece special in their own way
I accepted the the situations they are
I accepted the stories made on me, may be behind my back.

I accepted, embraced my self and,
that little child started smiling and I started playing with her and I still do,

will continue until am six feet under the ground.

How about knowing the child’s name.
It’s Happiness,
Yes, the one within me,the one which will stay always.

Mayaakatha is a compilation of my everyday learning through people and situation that I blogged for, straight 100 days.
That learning that,
Learning is a continuing process,
People might tag me in social media, but have I tagged my self with the Happiness?

My happiness is
I being in Me,
creating time for me
Accepting the resources within me is my strength and that’s Happiness.

All the 100 titles are true, and it’s my little experience am living with everyday

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