For you, My Princess

by MeeraMayaa

When I wanted to cuddle you
for some more time,
I cuddled my handbag, which
You were refusing to give .

So many days, I
rushed without giving you
that little water splash,
Only for my tears to slap me.

Every night I held your
favourite story book.
I did read, but it was those
notifications from the office.

And one day, least did I
bother about my pending work,
as I happily walked out
clinging my bag to make new stories.

Those stories,
Of jumping like a frog
dancing like an elephant
And living like a Queen with You, My Princess.


My dedication to all Mothers, who regret for not giving enough time to their little ones, and missing those precious moments,

May be the,
The First walk,
the first Amma/Mumma they called,
and those little moments.

You are strong Dear Mommies, it’s just the bond that matters..

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