Finalist in the WomesWeb-2021

by MeeraMayaa

Mayaakatha, where Stories Dance, is a story that happened in the lockdown.

A Facebook group, a community filled with an ocean of stories.

And it’s these stories that brought me the recognition and laurel, it’s the stories and an award to the “Storytelling community.” Being featured in the #womensweb and traveling along with several other writers and Storytellers is a Happiness


Stories are everywhere, some have been traveling through the footprints between the islands, some have been in the fossilized stones, some in the silence of a jungle. The outfit might vary, the outcome might too but what keeps the collage intact is the thread called Story. Story not only connects, but it also brings life and can create a story in itself. There’s a story between the spaces of the words and sentences, a story can dance with a poem too and that’s what Mayaakatha is all about, where stories dance.

It’s an online storytelling community that started in April 2020 and are running a member list of 1500. To date they have conducted 75+ live storytelling events, Grandma stories for Kids and Adults, Navaratri Live storytelling, Interview connect with the Storytellers, 51 Poetry recital shows in different language in the PoetryRaagainMayaakatha. With their battalion, they have started a new series #365daysofStorytellinginMayaakatha for 2021 and MayaaNrithyaKathas for February month.

This apart you will find at least 500 stories in their community.

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