Feared I was

by MeeraMayaa


Feared I was
I was feared
To write,
To share,
To think,
To talk

And one day, To Love!

Taking that step, the first step,
Saying my little soul,
A child like soul in me,
“Don’t FEAR!”

But I can’t,
As I only hear, “Fear!”

How do I 
Go away from this word.

“It’s a word,” said my mind,
And the heart said,
Replace it, because
My dear child,
Mind is also one,
and it can only pick the word than the Nos and Don’ts.

And hear am,
Happy to talk
Confident to write
Ready to hear
Always waiting to share…

Life is all about the words.
Spilled words cannot be collected
But it can definitely be given a form!


Image source: Brett Jordan_Unsplash

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