Every Soul’s rise, Arising from the Dust!

by MeeraMayaa

Moist were my eyes,
Sliced were my thoughts!
They told me, “I lost my Patience.”
I said, “Patience loses patience too!”

The Sun heard my cry
The moon hugged me every night
Charred was my body,
But, Not my Soul!

Wait not for yet another Phoenix!
It’s in me! Clipped were the wings,
not my soul!


Soul just rose.
It rose like a petal,
Danced like a butterfly,
and here it is, creating stories!

The stories called,
“Arising from the Dust!”
The dust in me
The dust in you!

The dust that has
your story and my story.
Dust that carries
everyone’s stories…

Arising from the Dust,
Not only a collection of quills,
It’s every soul’s rise!!

A curtain-raiser that I wrote for the book Arising from the Dust and it’s available in

Arising from the dust

Arising from the Dust is a Phoenix moment, which we face in our day-to-day life.
#Arisingfromthedust is an anthology by the #LetsMakeStoriesDino writing battalion, with 32 (stories/poems) by 32 writers. Each and every quill shared is an experience and a phoenix moment, published by #TheArchaicHouse,
And it is my journey as a Compiler.
Through this book, are we aiming at changing the situations around us? Not necessarily!
Because challenges are like those dust particles. Either we clear it or allow it to build an anthill on us.
Embracing the challenges and rising from any situation is all about, ‘Arising from the Dust.’ Every story or a poem shared is the writer’s Arising from the Dust moment, in their words. Every word is an experience and we all are connected through words and experiences.
Every quill may be a story or a poem that we have heard, but it’s all about arising and letting our Souls rise like that phoenix!
It’s a story about every girl/woman and a child. It’s not only about embracing the situation, well it’s all about arising from that situation. It’s about the resources within us. It’s about the Power, which is not only in defeat, it’s also in creating a life for ourselves.
Arising from the Dust is all about creating a life from the ashes!


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Shristee Singh February 3, 2021 - 9:28 am

It’s beautiful Meera and so relatable!


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