Don’t go to the Terrace .

by MeeraMayaa

“Uneven blade like teeth, blood dripping claws, burning eyes, and she is munching a tiger

Sheeee is back from the Volcano hills,

Her hunger is asking for more, may be

next it’s you,”

screamed the Hyena to the jungle life.

Peacock, wanted to hide in the den,

Lions were hiding behind the lioness and cubs,

Elephants were looking for a safe place in the ant hill,

Snakes and anacondas were finding a place to hide,

only to find one, behind You!

Maybe you are her target too..


I just finished my dubbing for an upcoming film, the director gave a go ahead in the first take, with an open offer for the next movie, and the music director said, we should have this scene without a background music as they were impressed with my voice which brought the spookiness they were looking for.

And the producer was waiting to sign the cheque leaf, and with the fees more than what was promised.

I was jumping on the moon, it was a very big banner and why would I not feel happy about this.

But this happiness, is from the shivers that ran down my spine and got etched as an experience for the life time in my DNA ten years back.


After the storytelling class, all the children hugged me and said they wanted one more for the next day. I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I cleared the utensils from the sink, finished my pending calls to the employer and washed the clothes, so that I can prepare well for the next day story telling.

And I just had to put the clothes to dry on the terrace.

As always singing a song I stepped into the lift and my neighbor almost jumped out, like she was chased by a bear.

I wondered why, only to ignore and move on

The fourth floor, and I walked up to the terrace.

Something unusual I felt in me.

Yes, there was something that was holding me back and asking me not to take the next step, little did I care and I continued.

I felt some force, the technology brain hushed it and the heart asked me to take the steps back. I still continued and was putting the clothes to dry. Every time I bent, I felt someone climbing on my back and as a tried lifting myself to the standing posture, I felt that, a person was sitting on my neck. For a second I thought I am crazy but only to accept that, that crazy invisible thing was real.

Alarmed by my heart, it was a run or get killed, but the brain wanted to experience that force to discover “The Who,” behind.

Immediately my body slapped the brain, “No, not at my cost!”

I ran gathering all my courage, still held by the force holding my neck, to believe that there are few forces in the air, which are invisible.

I jumped three steps at a time, and reached my home.

Never in my life had I faced any battle that I did, fighting against the force that day, at that moment.


Eyes didn’t let me close the visual .

Next day, I went to the terrace.

It was raining, I started singing. To my surprise a song that I have never sung in my life or heard in any albums or movies.

I knew I was behaving indifferent, and was unable to stop myself.

Yes, I was standing on the wall, my brain is rushing the adrenaline to fly and my heart is pulling back the innocent body. I was glad that my heart could feel me.

As I took my next step, there it was lying on the roof, staring at me and trying to pull me towards it. I wanted to pull myself back, but the force was strong that I couldn’t move an inch. I tried to pray, but my mind and lips were sealed from thinking or talking further.

A slap in the air, I thought, if it was a thunder. It was one which only I could hear. The little power in me asked me to calm down, I couldn’t but I did it.

With no option, I just surrendered to the one staring at me,

As I looked at it, the next moment someone thrust a heavy piece on my hand.

And it was a Diary.

“Diary of Julie,” embossed in Golden calligraphic words.

The first page was blank, but I felt like writing something there.

Can’t see anything in the blank space but can feel something, rather someone.

And a voice, coming through the diary. Didn’t believe initially, but with the current situation I only had to believe.

It said

“Words unsaid,

Words unheard,

Words never shared,

Words still finding its emotions….”

And a whisper,


I have been living in the roofs and books, I just need you to restart my journey .

I was still staring and a streak of light traveled into my eyes,


Ten years now, and I am living with a vibrating vibrations cocooned in emotions through my words

Did I say that, no I shouldn’t, because

I allowed her to be in me, through my words and her emotions.

And that’s the force making me write and speak.

Yes, it’s

Her mind, in my words!


I let her be, and we love our words.

Now would you still go to the terra

Image courtesy Aneta Ivanova, unsplash

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