Do You still want to be “Me”

by MeeraMayaa

Hey you look always happy
Also you look motivated
I wish I were You!

Some wrote to me
Some said, I envy you
And some shared an anger

I smiled, I laughed
But I cried too,
May be you didn’t hear

Ask my pillows
which has the maximum
NaCl deposits than the Ocean

Even I want to Slap
and burn that past, But
remember it’s only a smile I ask for.

I am a butterfly, waiting to
cocoon back again, but
the Wasp in me stings the song to write

That song I write in
black and white and,
through the designs in Stories!

Do you still want to be “Me”?
Yes, you should
Just listen to your reflection!


A dedication to all of us, and to the thoughts that Grass is greener on the other side,
Remember, there are heinas in those long grasses and,
A deer who is on the run always…

a little effort, speaking my Mind,
moods (alternating with different shades of colours), that thick skin (external mono colour ),
Coiling within (towards the Outcome and Direction am flowing inside out)

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