Demon loves to read too

by MeeraMayaa

Every child is unique
Some might read at 4
Some might enjoy the pictures and create their own story
And some might just hold a book.

Whatever it is
They are putting an effort
Let’s support our children’s journey with books.
It not only helps them gain knowledge
It makes them independent too!

It’s a step by step process
If we are unable to take that mobile from them totally
At least let’s start from today, to put in efforts
May be few mins you may have to dance and sing, do that because it helps in reducing few minutes from staring at the mobile sçreen
Believe me milestones helps in creating a mountain…

For children, they eat and imbibe information through their eyes.
Be it food, like instantly made stuffs or mobile games, the brand makes an entry psychologically through children’s eyes and children behave like a horse just staring at it in one direction.

If we have to divert, we may have to dance, sing and jump along with them and carry them slowly to the reading world.

Personally I have had difficulties, but today I am happy about the steps taken and the milestones built.
Take that step
Put that time
And adhere to that reading hours everyday.

Because children are smart, they will love to adhere to what we do!


Challenges will continue, let’s keep our focus on to work with children.

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