Coal in ME, Making the Diamond

by MeeraMayaa

I am feeling completely
dark around me,
asking if am sleeping
Or in my mother’s womb still.

Looking for Hands around
couldn’t feel any.
Tried moving around,
Only to be crushed

I am still looking up,
asking You, Oh! Almighty,
aren’t you able to see
my condition?

I get no answers
with only a response,
and a response,
Of being more crushed deep down!

For second I thought
I am reborn!
And in the hospital
of being scanned!

Hoping not to be killed.
And suddenly felt my mother,
touching my forehead
And planting a kiss !

A kiss of the sunlight,
a warmness of seeing
the world and light around,
And I am that Diamond!

That diamond waiting
to be given that shape!
That shape with a Soul who,
travelled dark to light!

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