Chummed thoughts…

by MeeraMayaa

“They asked,
Some labelled
Few branded with a preconditioned mindset”

“You are a stay-at-home mom (come join this Battalion)
You just have to cook and take care of the family!
(Well Stomach doesn’t sleep you see.)
And you just have to write (yeah, when Moon and sun sleeps)
You have loads of time (Yes I do, oops I wish. Wait did you mean 48 hours a day, can you then give me your time on an EMI basis 😉 )
Only one child (How about making one more for me)
Not planning for the second (Well second came first and am waiting for the first)
Blessed you are that you have one child
(Yeah, I have a dinosaur and can afford to have only one at this juncture, on my additions will keep you posted 😉 )

The angry Dino

I smiled and am now laughing about the responses I thought in my mind.
Yes, whatever you read within the brackets are my responses!

15 years of corporate life as an HR, Recruiter, Trainer etc etc etc
I feel, it was simpler.
(this is just my thought)

It’s way simpler to handle home, an advise from few, also they said it’s there in few stories and expertisers and experienced folk’s experiences that woman at home oops stay at home woman are realaxed!

May be you can help me clearing this first

I did both,
Well I continue to work being a stay at home.
(In my mind more…)

My working hours were defined
My schedule was defined.

Even now it is,
Just that I have several matches and boundaries to hit a four and sixers within one day.
Like playing a 20-20, One day and test match and all of these in a day!

And somedays it’s a Duck out (actually all the days).

And I love all the days ❤️

Yeah yeah 🙈

No, No!
I don’t mean to hurt you, my dear friends, who are working mommies or aunties!
But I wish to share what my sanity wants to say that it isn’t easy anywhere!

  • Even today I had my bit of challenge
  • I had my emotional outburst
  • I jumped feeling that heaven in me (Only to realise that Goddesses were having their chumming days and Emotional outburst, hence I took a U-turn)
  • Fought with my Princess
  • She hit me and I cried and both of us shared our stories 😉

They said , “you are always in Facebook”
Hey, wait I am having the house-warming function tomorrow, do come and I accept gifts too!”

This is just a chummed thought, which found it’s sanity through words of sanitary pad!

And I found my calling here in writing,
rather I found my Battalion..
May be virtual, but all are connected with a chord and purposes of sharing experiences through words.
Nothing changes around!
And for that ambiguity to be dealt with, we need to share!
That’s why am here.

These are just my thoughts, not an intention to hurt anyone.


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