Can you hear me?

by MeeraMayaa

Can you hear me
I am screaming my heart out
Even today when I hear the ambulance siren
It jerks the mountain in me to pieces
I am still gathering those pieces
Only to be broken again
What is breaking me is the guilt
The guilt of not listening to you.
The guilt of moving away at times
Why did I do what I did
Why did I keep silent
when words were to play in the battleground
All spoke that day but for you and me.
You were in your eleventh hour
we cried and I promised to sail
To sail in the Ocean of words
We cried in silence only to magnify the frequency
That frequency now I can’t reach
Because you are six feet under the ground

Can you hear me Appa?

Submitted for the Anthology

“Taste her Mind Anthology” with Aarthi Sampath

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