Building a Castle with, ‘What I don’t wish to have.’

by MeeraMayaa

I love sharing thoughts that cross my mind, that makes me reflect upon and triggers my mind to ask and experience the flow of thoughts..

Here’s one question that has been doing circles in my mind.

I wonder if we build few Castles in our mind with ‘what we do not wish doing?’

Why do we do this and what makes us continue doing this?

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Maanasa Murugesh August 13, 2021 - 7:59 am

Beautiful thought Mam.
I am the kind who would rather take the path of blisters; the more uncomfortable, the better. I love the feeling of being challenged and eventually winning over something that intimidated me earlier.
Also, tough conversations. Sometimes, taking that leap of faith and being honest with each other can tremendously rewarding. The human species in us often wants to shy away into its comfort shell, but putting ourselves on the spot helps one grow, which I love.


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