Book Reviewing – The Faint Trickle of Sand grains

by MeeraMayaa

Title: The Faint Trickle of Sand Grains

Genre: Poetry

Poet: Sanam Sharma

Link to buy:

My experience of reading the book:

Borrowing the lines from Sanam, the author
“Wrapped in a handful of sand grains, it even has a faint trickle to it”

Yes, the book is wrapped with 70 odd poems, creating a garland of emotions packed in all the pages.
The words speak the emotion tagged with the melody.
The flow is that of a sand grains, which is, like a river flowing to meet the Sea,

Such is the power of the titles.

I read it twice, only to feel the flow of emotions again and again,
And it did, be it the simplest thoughts in the,

– “Torched words,” which says,
“Tonight I will not be writing a love poem,
tonight I have doused my words in fire and set them alight.”

Wondering, how we can throws words beautifully.

– The mourning grandma’s, I would say these are least touched upon topics which the author has penned beautifully, connecting what it’s being in that role.

– Fairy tales, we have been always listening. But, how about Avenging, well Sanam has penned this thought as well in “Avenging Fairy-tales,”
A different take on the fairy tales, and these lines I am spilling here are the connectors
“Avenge them all. for the sake of love.
I must re-write them all. Those love stories.
Rainbows will not be traded away for gloomy….

And that’s the maximum beans,

No the Sand I have spilled..
How about knowing more, and flowing through the book,

And I would say, go click on the link “Buy”

Life is beautiful, with these books creating a poems of emotions in our Stories..

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