Banyan Childhood

by MeeraMayaa

Under the Banyan tree, swinging in the hanging roots, running the cycle tyres, playing Lagori, pulling the pig tails, getting pelted by the girls, and again under giant tree enjoying the mangoes, sprinkled by the summer showers on our face, stealing those guavas from the neighbour’s garden and running for our life.

Not exactly, we always helped each other by concealing each other’s naughtiness.

Yes we are the troublesome foursome, Rashu, Nikki, Ramu, Gopu.

Here am after twenty years, to re-live those moments, and also to share this little naughtiness through my new book with my buddies in my school.


Image courtesy Unsplash

Written for #Penmancy

#Pencent #drabble #100wordsstory

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