At Timeslit fest 2020

by MeeraMayaa

They say some stories just happen!
And the story of meeting Sundari Venkatraman Mam and Preethi Venugopala happened today @ Times Litfest Bengaluru 2020

What else can I ask for
I got my author signed copy 😁


Best wishes to both of you 💚💚

I really could establish that connect, when you both spoke about your writing journey and experience.

Sundari Mam, you had aptly mentioned about, “Being passionate about our work,” open to receiving feedback and being part of writing communities to learn and own our writing skills, on the importance of writing and blogging atleast 100-200 words in a daily basis and in a step by step process. I love the humbleness when you mentioned that, how much ever we climb up the ladder, we should remember that we are in the first step and there’s loads more to be done…
And especially, “Never give up.”

Preethi, I am very happy, you spoke about self publishing, and am glad you mentioned about how challenging it’s to be on our own, on being perfect with our work and ensuring all the aspects are taken care before we go live with our document in the digital format publishing.. and how we establish ourselves as our own Brand. Self publishing is not merely about publishing our work but wearing several hats to create our own identity and brand.

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