Appa’s Chemistry Lab of Life

by MeeraMayaa

#MyDadMyWorld #Dad

Am I made up of Atoms,
Or the Molecules,
You said I am a Compound.
Never understood the concept of Chemistry,
until you taught me one.
Appa, you said Atoms are Values,
molecules are the Gratitude
and the compound called,
“The Song of Life.”

That Song of life, where you said,
sometimes be that Soft Idli,
or create the Noodles of confusion when,
you are in a Soup. Be that Kichidi, to stand on your own.
Remember to add a pinch of Salt, being a Value
And that sugar, creating Happiness,
today you are six feet under.

Image courtesy Unsplash

A #100wordsstory for #Momspresso

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