And that’s how it all began, a mini tale

by MeeraMayaa

She stood there, waiting for the passers-by, decked up every evening. Some evenings, it was at the road signals, some evenings behind the bus stop, some nights in the police stations as well. Yeah, it was her job to quench the thirst of some. Five years passed by, there was a change in the timing and Men who walked on and by, but not in the spots and the bargain. And it was one of those someones, who gave her womb a life and now little Princess is growing under her shade. Don’t know who that someone is, and she prefers leaving that truth in the past.

From the past and till date,
there stood one soul, who stood like her shadow, whom she always neglected. He loved her for what she is and beyond her, her Princess. He did save her, and she did love him. He too was her customer once and only once, he proposed to her and she laughed and she still does with the tears rolling down .

But today, he said enough, by putting that ring on her finger and placing that kiss on her forehead and asking her to leave the past in the signal showing red there.

The signalled turned green, he walked with her and their Princess by kick starting the happy chapters,

And that’s how it all began.


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