And if Silence can kill..

by MeeraMayaa

You shut my mouth,
Oh no, it was my thoughts.
You turned away,
Oh no, it was my reflections.

I am standing here alone,
Though you all are around.
I am screaming
my heart out.
Did you hear that?
How will you when you
insulated my feelings.

That loud noise,
which makes mother earth cry,
That wail, which hides the
Sun of our life,
behind the clouds
only to leave a shadow,

And yes it’s my shadow,
Who is me
Who can listen to my thoughts
And with whom I feel me
And every drop of my blood feels
in silence of a backwater,

A backwater of tears,
Just not mine.
There are several of “Me,”
Who hide their own
Silence behind the tears,
with the faith called Umbrella,
holding our breath.

If my silence can Kill you,
Today am ready for that too!

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